Playlists truncating? 8GB Fuze, no external card added

I’m getting frustrated with the playlists created externally.  If I use the playlist right after the library refresh, it will correctly list all of the songs on the playlist.  If I listen to something else and then go back to the playlist, it will cut out all but about 8 songs on the list.  This happens on power off/power on also.

Its a regular m3u playlist created on Winamp, and recreated on WMP11 to verify that its not just a Winamp thing.  I’ve also tried the m3u8 with the same effect.  Playlist is created from files on the player, and it is stored in the MUSIC folder in MSC mode.  64 songs in playlist, with file size of 9KB.

FW version 02.01.17A

94 MB free on internal memory

Anyone else having this problem?  Any solutions?