Playlists not showing up in Playlists

Hi All
I have a 8Gb SanDisk Clip Jam. Windows 10 PC
I have been downloading late nite talk radio via Microsoft Edge to WMP12, then creating playlists as .m3u
Once I have the 4 hours in a folder with the m3u, I copy (via dragging) the folder into the ‘playlist’ folder on the Jam via Windows
Been working fine.
Today, I made 6 playlists and copied them to my Jam. They are NOT in the playlist folder ON THE JAM. I see them in the Windows File Explorer in the playlist folder. I can play them from that folder on the PC - opens up in WMP. But when I remove the Jam from the PC, they are not in the Playlist folder on the Jam. They are in the Album folder and I can access them in the ‘Folder’ folder on the Jam.
Not doing anything differernt.
The only thing different is Microsoft Edge that I use to download to WMP12. Where I used to see the downloading files on the bottom of my screen, they are now at the top in a ‘flyout’ . But I don’t think that would have any effect, would it?
Any ideas what could have happened? I accidently did something on the Jam’s settings?
Thanks for any help

Well, it took me awhile and lots of searching, but I finally discovered why my Playlists weren’t showing up under ‘Playlists’ on the MP3 itself, but were in the Playlist Folder when viewed via Windows Explorer.

There is a Maximum number of Playlists allowed. Would have been nice for the manual to say something about that.