Playlists made in MSC not repeating tracks

let me start off by saying i dont want to use wmp11, nor will i ever use wmp11…unfortunatly i want playlists

…i have been able to transfer m3u playlists via the MSC connection and making them in winamp…however i want to make certain tracks on my playlist to repeat 3 or 4 times (if i really like the song)…the playlist transfers perfectly fine and shows the correct number of files in the playlist (ex: 7/7 songs)
song 1
song 2
song 3
song 3
song 3
song 4
song 5

when they are playing, the clip plays song 2, song 3, then jumps to song 4 without repeating song 3 three times…ive tried editing the m3u files but i dont really know what im supposed to be editing, they all look perfectly fine and they work…they just arent repeating files…i have NO idea why this would happen or if there is any way to get around this short of renaming song 3 five times so that i can listen to it 5 times in a row…ive also tried to make playlists in wmp10 which does the excat same thing as the m3u did…

now the weird part is it will play to the last song and still show that theres 2 more songs on the playlist…but i cant access them or skip to them at all…the playlist just stops at 5/7 songs and thats the end of it…any ideas?

I’m curious about this as well.

Hmm.  I did the same thing, but when I went to play the playlist on my Clip, the Clip just displayed a strange graphic … two white boxes on the left and right sides of the screen, each box containing a black dot.  This is where I’d normally expect the Clip to display the songs in the playlist.

I had the same issue as PP with the white boxes and the dots.  What format of file are you using?  When I switched to .m3u and put the playlist file in the root and that solved my problem.  I also know there was someone else that was using Linux and said the carriage return was inserting a different character than Windows.

For your information, I have used mp3tag to create my playlists in MSC so this might help in your endeavor to figure out why you are having the problem.

For m3u playlist, make sure that your playlist pointed to the right directory or else your playlist will be blank even though the contents are in your device

For example:
1.  you drag and drop files from your D: drive to the device & you created your m3u playlist there. 
2.  If you open up your m3u playlist, it will pointed to D drive. 
3.  So what you need it to edit your m3u playlist so that it pointed to the right directory on your player. 
4.  Once, you’ve done this, the playlist will show up in the player and you should be able to play it. 
5.  But it still does not play the repeating songs.  However, it will play the repeating songs if you create your m3u playlist and drag-n-drop to your player under MTP mode.

Looks like this thread’s been dornamt for a few years.

I just bought a new clip and I’m running into this problem.

My computer won’t recognize the clip unless it is in MSC mode so the last poster’s suggestion of transfering the playlist through MTP mode doesn’t work for me.

Anyone know of a way around this that doesn’t involve creating duplicate files with different names.?