Playlists for Sansa Fuze+ on a Mac?

Anyone know how to make playlists using a Mac and load into Sansa Fuze+?

The Sansa’s built-in Music Go playlist seems to be a Unix file, at least the Mac thinks it is.

Is it a case of knowing a few Unix commands in Mac Terminal? 

IDK much about Macs, but the best way to create playlists is to use the MTP USB connection mode, which I don’t believe works on Macs. However, Video4Fuze did have one feature inteded for the old Fuze players to create playlists, and I *think* it’s availible for Macs. IDK if it will even work for the Fuze+, but it’s worth a try.

Thank you halonachos117 .  I downloaded Video4Fuze but have not had time to look into it yet. First I have to try running it on MacOSX, then if it runs, look into any differences between video and music playlists, because  I am looking for music playlist info.

And: a MESSAGE for veeko33 - I got an email alert yesterday that you had replied to my post, but I don’t see it, not in this thread. If you care to repost it I’ll be glad to read it.