Playlists: Combining Songs from Different Drives

Hi, I have a Fuze that has songs on the player’s hard disk and also an SDHC card attached. Is there any way I can create a playlist that  combines songs located on both the player hard disk and the SDHC card? It would seem to involve specifying a full path to the songs including some kind of drive letter, but I don’t know of any way to reference the Fuze’s drives. Is there any way to do this? I don’t want to change the location of the songs, eg by putting them all on the SD card - I’m looking for a way to playlist songs from different locations. Can anyone help??

Thanks in advance…

I don’t use playlists but there’s a program, YAPL, that claims to do what you want in MSC mode, assuming that’s how your music was placed on the Fuze. (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode).

If your music went over in MTP mode, see if Windows Media Player will make the playlists you want.

Winamp also has a playlist maker–I believe in MSC mode.

Thanks - that program worked great. Once it had created the playlist, I was able to open it in a text editor and view it, and saw that it references the drives in the following way. The first song is from the Fuze internal drive, the 2nd song is on my SDHC card:

/mmc:0:/MUSIC/T/Tame Impala - I Don’t Really Mind.mp3
/mmc:1:/Music//P/Porcupine Tree/2009 - The Incident/07 - Your Unpleasant Family.mp3

The playlist creator creates two files when you save it - one with a .PLA extension and the other with a .PLA.REFS extension. Mine created the following files when I saved a playlist named ‘Test List’:


The .PLA is empty - zero length. The .PLA.REFS file contains the songs in the above format. The above two lines showing the path to the MP3s are the entire contents of the PLA.REFS file that the program created - there is no header.

I tried reproducing the playlist as an M3U file but wasn’t able to get it to work - I tried removing the initial slashes, reversing the direction of the slashes (from ‘/’ to ‘’), but nothing I tried worked. It looks like they have to be in PLA format with the PLA.REFS file containing the songs as described.

Hope this info is useful to those who want to combine songs from different sources into a single playlist. If anyone needs me to clarify anything, let me know. Thanks Black-Rectangle for your help, it solved my problem and is greatly appreciated.