Playlists combining Rhapsody to Go and regular mp3 tracks

I am looking to replace my old Zen Vision M that I use with Rhapsody to Go. There are 2 things I really like about this device:

  1. I have many playlists that I have created that are made up of  both Rhapsody subscription tracks and my own imported tracks (i.e. some Rhapsody plus some of my own).

  2. The Zen has a “Now Playing” setting that I can tailor for specific occassions.  For instance I can choose “Led Zeppelin” to the Now Playing queue, then choose other artists or tracks to add toNow Playing queue, and (with random play activated) the player will randomly play from that subset of tracks that I picked.

I read the new Fuse + is Rhapsody compatible.  Does it have the capabilities to perform either or both of these 2 functions?


Not that I know of.

Not unless it has some vastly different firmware than all the other Sansa models (which is unlikely).

if you use rhapsody to create the playlist then yes you can  use both rhapsody to go and your own tracks for playlists.

the golist is similar in function to the now playing queue but not exactly the same.