Playlists and shuffling plea

Playlist may not work for the AUDIOBOOK Folders, but they seem to work for the other folders. Of course, I cannot put my audiobooks in the MUSIC folder, because then I couldn’t use my favorite option ‘Play All’ in shuffle mode (no sense to mix pop songs with arbitrary book chapters or classical arias).

So I tried putting my classical music and respective playlists in the AUDIBLE folder. Same problem here: The classical pieces get mixed in with the Play All / Shuffle. Not good.

Then I found another problem: Appearently the shuffle option, if selected, is automatically applied to all folders. But shuffle is only useful for modern music (not for audiobooks or classical music), so the user has to change this setting every time he switches genres. Again, not good.

So please, Sansa, with the next firmware update, introduce a top-level CLASSICAL folder, where shuffle is not applicable. Or restrict Play All / Shuffle to the MUSIC folder. And please fix this AUDIOBOOK folder playlist bug!!!

P.S.: Another (unrelated) minor inconsistency: Settings->SystemInfo shows ‘FMRecordings’ even though I have applied a firmware without an FM-Radio option.