Playlists and multiple genres

After a few days off work due to snow I got to thinking about Playlists and Genres on the Fuze. I know these subjects seem to cause problems for LOTS of people on these boards, and as of a few days ago I was still totally confused as to how to create playlists in MSC mode that would access both my Fuze and SDMC card.

I’ve never been much of a genre person, as assigning a track to one particular category has always seemed far from ideal. A while back, while looking at ways to organise my music collection for my impending Fuze purchase, I came across the concept of multiple genres and the idea that some audio software would let you include delimited genres in a file’s Genre tag. Alas with the arrival of the Fuze came the realisation that multiple genres weren’t an option and the Genre tag went back to being a good idea, but with no real world purpose.

Lots of snow, plenty of coffee and a desire to see if I could address this problem has left me with a little computer program that automatically create playlists based on delimted genre tags. It will only run on Windows with .Net framework (sorry to the Linux/Mac people). It happilly makes mincemeat of my 8+8GB Fuze in testing - creating nearly 8000 playlist entries from 2400 MP3s in under a minute and a half.

I only have my Fuze and two PCs (both XP) to test it on, so if anyone is interested in having a play and seeing if it’s of any use then it can be downloaded here: Genre Playlist Creator (15KB)

I’d be pleased to here comments or suggestions.

It’s a great idea.  I would test it if it wasn’t for the fact that I already invented a bizarre method of numbered genres that only I understand :smileyvery-happy:

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I don’t use MP3Tag, so wasn’t aware of that. Couldn’t find a pre-written script for this purpose, so unless you’re offering one :wink: it’s really irrelevant. You could write a script to do pretty much anything with audio files using a myriad of programming/scripting languages, but unless somebody has done all the leg work and posted it somewhere it doesn’t help a lot of people who have no interest or ability to programming for themselves.

Tried my prog on a Dual Core Duo running Vista yesterday and it took 23 seconds to complete all my playlists. Don’t need MPTag installed on every computer I use either.

Agree, tagging in the first pace is a nightmare, but I only make a point of correctly tagging stuff when I’m about to add it to the Fuze, so it’s not as much of a chore.

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The Ini file needs to be kept in the same location as the exe file, not where FuzePath points to.

Trailing \s shouldn’t make any difference.

1000 song limit vs no Internal/External combined playlists? Swings and roundabouts. Working on a mod so it will create pla and m3u files.

Can’t see a problem with …\Playlists\Genre Playlist Creator\

PM sent with more debugging info.

New version to create m3u and/or pla playlists:

Genre Playlist Creator

New Genre Playlist Creator version 1.3 available here

Revised again today, so that you can now auto create a combined genre playlist. So if you need a playlist of 80s chart pop and r&b songs you can now do it!