Playlister On Fuze

I have an e260 which I use Playlister for creating playlist. Will Playlister work on the fuze

I’m sure it will work if your e260 is a v2 unit.  The v2 and Fuze are sister players, as far as operating systems go.

Otherwise, there are plenty of available options for playlists!  You can try with your current program first.

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I have a V1 so I guess I will have to look around. I think the Fuze uses m3U playlist format

I saw that saCAster changed some code to be compatible with the v1 AND v2 units.  You can generate playlists in MTP mode with WiMP10/11 too.

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Just my 2 cents . . . 

I had no luck at all with saCaster. Actually, that’s not true. I had nothing but BAD luck with it trying to create a playlist for a v2 280. It would create it all right, but would show up as [EMPTY] on the player. I found Winamp to work well though. I just copied the “library” from my player to it, instead of my entire hard drive as in Windows Medai Player. You can save the playlist directly to your MUSIC folder on the player. It won’t work if you put it in the PLAYLIST folder (don’t ask me why, I think it’s dumb, too).

Some people like Media Monkey, but I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted either. Although I DO like the fact that you can create a “report”, basically a database (artist, album, song, genre, etc.) that you can export in .xls format (EXCEL). I like to have this as a back-up in case of catastrophic failure where I lose everything; I can at least have a listing of what was on my player so I can re-create it.

I’ve had my sansa for a while and still dont know how to put playlist on. I’m usig a mac os x. If I can use itunes that would be great

The *.pla playlists won’t work on the Fuze in MSC mode.

Here’s a link to a Bi-directional ASCII *.m3u / UNICODE *.pla playlist converter I wrote.

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Creating playlists with Rhapsody is super easy as well. It’s easiest for me.