Playlist, Radio, Audiobook Problem....


I hope that someone can help me! I have made a number of custom playlists, and I also listen to some audiobooks and radio.  I have found that when I start a playlist, I can use the menu and then back to music list, and all the songs show up.  However, when I start a playlist, then go to an audiobook or to the radio, the playlist will resume, but if I try to view the songs, it gives me the title “Play All” and under songs it says <empty> .  I know this is not the case because the music is still playing, but it is a frustrating bug that I think should be worked out hopefully in a firmware update very shortly.  Thanks to anyone who can help!

XC Fan

Are you pressing the ‘home’ button to go to the radio or audiobooks, or just the bottom of the scroll button?  I found using the ‘home’ button works best. 

Maybe stop/pause the song before changing to readio or audiobook and see what happens.

Thanks Dalaug234,

However, despite using the home button or the bottom of the wheel, the same problem occurs, it also happens with the golist.

XC Fan