Playlist quandry.

Or maybe I should say playlist confusion. I am using wmp to do my ripping and syncing and all seems to have gone well. I want to make “playlists” so I went to wmp and did what it said. I then went to sync to save it, only I noticed that it seems to be resyncing the songs already on there to make the playlist.

I though playlist was like a directory, and didn’t make many files. I noticed when I was trying to search for information people were told to open the library on their fuze, and not the one on the computer. That was not using wmp to make the playlists though.

I guess there are many ways to make a playlist and I need to pick one better than making duplicate files, or not do one at all. What is the simplest way?

In case you haven’t noticed, there _ is _ a Search tool here. It’s common forum courtesy (everywhere, not just here) to search and look for the answers you seek that are already posted, before cluttering up the place with multiple posts/threads all on the same subject with the same info in them. :wink:

As far as “how-to” playlist creation, here’s one post to start with.

I did it - sorta! Thanks!

I did it the way you make a playlist by clicking on a file! Then I drug some titles in and it worked! I could even shuffle the list!

The thread suggested putting the playlist in the playlist folder so I did that, then it didn’t work, the playlist was empty.

Then I put it back and it still didn’t work. I guess you can’t move those things around. And you can’t put it back after you’ve moved it either apparently.

But at least I know it can be done. And now that I have done it I’m not sure I like playlists after all. Not being able to edit on the fly is a bummer. Since they don’t seem to take up much space I still might make a couple.

The main thing with the playlists, is that now that I have a bunch of music on one device, that I can play at any given time, a smaller playlist is too predictable.