Playlist Problem (Automated Podcast Transfer - no WMP)

finding an automated process of getting my prodcasts to my fuze is an ever improving process, based on scripts rather than using WMP, but I am now stuck with playlists

  1. I use juice to get my latest podcasts

  2. I use “usb detect launch” to detect  pluggin in my sansa fuze

  3. it automaticall launches a small script (moving my podcasts to the fuze - I can add here for who is interested)

  4. I use tag.exe and id3.exe programms to edit id3 tags before the transfer

  5. I use tag.exe to automatically create a playlist of all newly transfered podcasts and call this podcast.m3u 


Step 4 is my problem: the playlist is automatically created, and I find it on the sansa fuze, but it includes no files. 

the File looks like this: 


Can anyone help?  

.m3u format playlists must be in the same folder as the files listed in the playlist. In other words, if you have your music in the \MUSIC folder, the .m3u playlist file must also be in the \MUSIC folder, NOT in the PLAYLIST folder as you would think. Only .pla format playlists work in the PLAYLIST folder.

So if you are saving your podcasts in a PODCAST folder for example, you would need to make sure your “podcast.m3u” file is also deposited in the PODCAST folder.

Hope this helps. I’ve gone 'round & 'round trying to get music playlists to work. This is what I’ve learned through trial & error. Don’t know if it’s the same with podcasts, but as long as they are .mp3 files and you are creating .m3u playlist files, it should be. :smiley: