Playlist on Linux

It is also possible to upload playlists, as follows:

  1. Upload the music files which will be referenced by the playlist to the player. The advice below suggests placing the music in a "Music"folder, but this does not seem to be necessary.
  2. Create the playlist in your favorite music management program and save is as a M3U file (EXTM3U format).
  3. Edit the M3U file (it is just a text file) to eliminate paths from filenames. That is, a line of the form “/path/to/my_file.mp3” should be replaced by just “my_file.mp3”.
  4. Convert the newline format of the M3U file from Unix-style newlines to DOS-style newlines. (There are scripts available to do this, such as ‘unix2dos’. Your favorite text-editor may also be able to do this.)
  5. Upload the M3U file to your player. (Again location should not matter.)