playlist of playlists?

I have an E280.  Does this support a user created playlist of playlists?  That would be similar to the album or artist list. I had hoped to be able to have this contained in the Playlist menu.

I suppose I could create one in Genre, but that seems to be a roundabout way…

Separate question - there are 2 folders that are empty and I am wondering what they were intended for, as I can’t seem to find anything telling me about them:



Oh yes - have had this player for about 4 months, and am using MM - great app!

Thanks in advance

Sorry, it can’t you should probably just use MM to create the playlists for you.

Where are the folders located?

Chances are they don’t dop anything, since I have never seem them before

Hope this helps!

you can create a playlist provided your using windows media player 10 or 11 and MTP mode.

how-to videos:
add playlist using
wmp 10
wmp 11 on xp
wmp 11 on vista

It really depend on what USB mode you are using, he is using MM, so it seems he should be using MSC mode.