Playlist not complete


I tried to define some playlists and found out that after loading them they are incomplete.

Titles that are shown in the list are played, but some entries are missing.

Further investigations showed me that they all seem to contain a #-sign in the title.

That means: the entry in the .m3u File is there, the file in “Music” is there, but entry is not displayd in the playlist.

Is this a known issue?

Every hint is welcome!

Remove the # sign from the titles and you should be fine.


the #-signs are Part of the title  provided by iTunes, WMP and so on.

They all synchronize with each other and the Clip-Sport.

How and where should I  remove them?

They are needed to distinguish the titles (#1, #2, #3 …)

Removing them only in the playlist would lead to a mismatch between list and music-library.


indeed removing the #-signs solves the problem.

But the #-sign is very common in titles and album names, as shown in the attached file.

I think this should be resolved in next firmware

Maybe I learned something from researching this discussion?

Looks like the # symbol is recognized as a marker for a comment line in m3u playlist files.

And maybe a line break or a colon symbol terminates the comment?


I found no hints that there are comments defined in .m3u.

It seems that everything that you type in a line that is not reserved word (like #EXTM3U or #EXTINF) or doesn’t point to an existing file is ignored and therefore a “comment”, no matter if it starts with a #

As already mentioned the #-signs are often used in titles or album names. All my other devices and software-players take them as part of the path and work fine with that, except the sansa.
That’s the problem: I can’t transfer my libraries  nor the playlists to sansa and use them.

I could set up test files to show and verify the error, but of course that’s no solution.

As for CR: also the last line must be ended by a CR, otherwise it is ignored by the device.

End of File is not detected as “end of line” by sansa.

Hello, Everyone!

I have an issue with incomplete playlists but it’s a little different.  All my playlists do not show the first song listed.  It doesn’t matter if I reorder the playlist and re-sync, the first song is not included.  The song does exist in my player as I can play it, just cannot play it in the playlist.  This happens with playlists in the internal memory AND the external sd card.  I checked file types, names etc, and cannot seem to find out what is causing this.  Very strange.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!


Please describe how you are creating your playlists?

Maybe take a look at this message on the SanDisk Forum. This message describes the use of a batch command file to create playlist.m3u files for subfolders in the Main music folder on Clip Sport (and Clip Jam) players.