Playlist has same MP3 file multiple times and not different MP3s

Hi There

I just received my Clip Jam 8GB. My trusty Clip kicked the bucket after 10 years of daily service.

This is what I did with my Clip:
I download a 4 hour latenight radio show in 4 MP3 files. They are downloaded to my Music Folder on my Windows 10 desktop. I then open WMP12 on my desktop. From there I create a MU3 Playlist, naming the Playlist what that particular show is about. I then Sync playlist to SanDisk Clip. Voila. Works like a charm.

OK, so it seems that I can no longer do that with the Clip Jam. Bummer, but OK. So I follow the directions:
after downloading I move MP3s I want in playlist to a NEW FOLDER on desktop
move folder to WMP12 and SAVE AS ‘MU3’ playlist file INSIDE the New Folder I just created on my Desktop
Now that New Folder on my Desktop contains 5 files - 4 MP3s and 1 MU3
Move that complete folder to the MUSIC folder on the Clip Jam, in Windows Explorer

I see the playlist on the Clip Jam, however, instead of 4 different hours of the show, I am getting the First Hour 4 times.

If I look under Albums, I don’t see the ‘playlist’ as I’ve named it, but I see it as ‘radioshow name date of broadcast’ that WMP creates. That ‘album’ does contain the 4 different hours of the show.

Am I doing something simple completely wrong?

Thanks for the help