Playlist has removed other songs from album

I created a few playlists. I listened to them for a couple of days. The next time I opened up my MP3 files on the computer, I realized that the only songs on any of the particular albums were the ones that I had put on a playlist. It had removed the remaining songs from the album that were not added to a playlist.

I deleted the playlists, deleted the effected albums and started over. I currently do not have any playlists.

I have a Sansa Fuze

Version V01.02.26A

What did you use to create the playlists? Is it possible that you mistook playlists for content and synchronised all the other mp3 files away off your mp3 player?


I used my Windows Media Player. No I am pretty sure I chose create playlist.

Any other thoughts?

Windows Media Player does things automatically, behind your back, and it’s hard to know what happened. Are the other songs from the albums in your Windows Media Player library? Because if they’re not, it may have synched to match what’s on the Sansa to what’s in your library–or, in this case, what’s not in the library. 

With the Fuze connected, look in Tools (you might have to right-click the top of Windows Media Player to see a menu with Tools)/Options/Synch and un-check anything Auto.