Playlist for video files?

I recently ripped a music DVD to my Fuze, but due to the length I experienced the common audio sync problem.  I noticed that the audio was fine for the first 4-5 songs, so I got the idea to rip each song (chapter) into its own file.  This cured the sync problem, but now I have to manually pick each track.

Is there any way to either 1) tell the Fuze to “play all”, or 2) create a video playlist?

I think there isn’t. but you could merge all those videos, then remux the avi container and you’d have the full dvd in a single file. Or just rip with decent software and then convert it with video4fuze (mencoder/avi-mux GUI)

Using your idea, I used cat to combine the avi files into one large file (cat file1.avi file2.avi file3.avi file4.avi > newfile.avi)

Then rebuilt the index using mencoder (mencoder -forceidx -oac copy -ovc copy newfile.avi -o finalfile.avi)

Then uploaded it (using video4fuze,of course)

 Now I just have to see if, like the original long avi that I ripped and loaded onto my Fuze, the audio is off.  This is no small task because I can only use the fast forward feature for around 5 seconds before it dumps me back to the video menu.

I’ll let the Fuze sit here with the video playing and see how it goes in around an hour.

OK, managed to get it to the 50 minute mark.  It still had a sync problem, but not nearly as bad.

I think the best solution is probably going to be to make it two parts.  That way by the time the sync problem gets bad, it’ll be time to start part 2.

I also need to fix the fast forward problem.  I think it’s with the avi indexes, so I’ll probably rip the DVD as mpeg and combine those, that way I shouldn’t have to rebuild the index.

Then I can use video4fuze to convert that rather than the avi.