Playing videos on my Sansa Fuze

I’ve tried everything but cannot synch videos from WMP to my Fuse!  Converted to avi still not working!  Ideas?

The Fuze+ can accept video from Windows Media Player as avi files, directly, but the earlier Fuze cannot.  The earlier Fuze requires the viideo to be in a special container.

Look up video4fuze iin the forums here, it’s a cool application.  Enter the name in the search box.

Otherwise, the Sansa Media Converter is needed.  To download it, the Sansa Updater application is required; when the Fuze is plugged in, select the Sansa Media Converter for download.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Can Fuze accept movies from winamp?  Is there any links you can share or instructions that will help me? 

The video must be in avi format.  Look up anyvideoconverter (one word), it’s a great program.  The application transcodes many video formats.  Once the output is avi, you can use Video4Fuze or the Sansa Media Converter.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: