Playing videofiles from the iXpand memory.

Dear community,

I would like to know if it is normal that the video doesn’t make the progress bar and start/pause disappear, it stays in some sort of layer above the video while playing.

Is there an external player that allows opening from the files directly, or allows it to download? (This probably works with MP4, but MKV won’t give this option.)

Most videofiles play just fine, except for AC3 audio.

Please shed some light on this matter.

Thanks in advance.

Hello ZZ,

Welcome to the SanDisk Community! 

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have been able to recreate the issue and submitted it to the apps development team. We are tracking the issue and plan to have a fix in an upcoming release. 

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Same goes to me. The progressive bar - play/Pause button suddenly wont disappear. It keeps appear while I am watching the video. How to fix this problem. This issue happen recently. hope to hear from you soon


Can we get an ETA on this please? My morning Walking Dead depends on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

There was an update released just a week ago (Mar. 15). Check to make sure you’re on the latest version (1.6.1)

Yep, I have that, it was 1.6.1 that actually brought the issue for me.  I upgraded from the previous firmware owing to video playback issues which then brought this one.