Playing through a hifi USB....

I’m trying to get my Clip+ to play thru my Pioneer A/V stereo.  It has a USB port that works fine for my iPhone.  When I plug the Clip+ into the receiver it shows on the receiver that it’s loading … then it plays a “Slot Radio Promo” over & over.  It also shows that it’s being charged.  I have no control of the Clip … nothing will change until I remove it from the receiver.  I contacted SanDisk about this and they suggested the I go into settings, USB mode and change it to MSC (it was in auto detect).  No difference, still plays the “Slot Radio Promo”.  Any ideas?

In USB mode the Clip is just a USB thumb drive, so the controls won’t work. It sounds like your stereo doesn’t know how to parse the Sandisk file structure and is just playing the only file it can find. I guess you’d have to ask the people who made your stereo what kind of file structure it requires. Maybe it has a manual?

You could try putting all your music folders/files in the root (top) directory rather than in the Music folder as usual.

And what might simply be easiest:  simply connect the Clip’s headphone jack to the auxiliary in. of your stereo via a patch cable.  Now, the Clip will play through your stereo and the Clip itself serves as a corded “remote control” of sorts.