Playing music while charging

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was wondering whether it is possible to listen to music while the player is charging.

I was thinking about connecting a solar usb charger to keep the thing powered / charged while listening.

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If you start with enough power in the Clip+ or enough power in the charger’s built in battery  then a solar charger with a max solar panel output of 120 ma or more(typically at 6 volts) and a large enough battery to hold plenty of power for the evening should  probably be able to keep it going if it gets a reasonable amount of sunlight overall. In overcast weather a solar  cell might only put out around 25% or so of its maximum. I have seen a few compact ones for around $50 which have around a 2000 mah Lion battery, and around 120 ma solar panel. 

f you plan to be away for a long time from a car or AC power to charge the player, you could get this(for around $20 on Amazon ) to charge the player from AA nimh rechargeable batteries. Then you could carry a few extra sets of AA nimh rechargeables. I have had the Tekkeon mp1550 for over a year and a half and it has worked well, however I have only used it with nimh rechargeables. Using it with alkalines might cause problems(and much of the power will be lost as heat, which might even be enough to damage the device. It doesn’t get hotl when used with with nimh rechargeables). Yes, the Clip+ can play while charging using any power source besides a pc, or using a pc and using a cable that is power only(missing the data connectors).

A nice, inexpensive, external AA (2) battery power charger, $2.39 shipped, via eBay (there are many of these there; you can search for the then-current lowest price, typically in this neighborhood); works with rechargeable as well as disposable batteries:

Miikerman, I know you mean well, however I think some of those those very low cost AA usb chargers might damage a player and should be avoided.

I agree.  I’ve had no issue with this one, though–seems to be just fine. 

I agree.  I’ve had no issue with this one, though–seems to work just fine.   :slight_smile:

Some of the low cost AA usb chargers won’t work with nimh batteries, only alkalines, and may only work with new alkalines(perhaps only while the battery voltage is 1.3v or higher?). The reviews on some of the Duracell and Eveready ones say they don’t work with rechargeables. Some of those that do charge with batteries down to 1.2 volts or lower may provide too much voltage when alkaline batteries are new. In general I avoid generic devices, and only buy brand name ones that have plenty of good reviews.

Very good cautionary points–thanks for them.  I have a separate power pack from a number of years ago that has no built-in or only limited electronics–it really seems to be only a battery holder, plus cable–and to avoid a too-high voltage, only use 4 rechargeable AA batteries in it, and not 4 alkalines.

The one I linked to seems to work with both alkalines and rechargeables, although the rechargeable batteries may need to be fresher-than-not–my first attempt with “older” rechargeables was unsuccessful until I charged them up again (but then again, they may not have been charged for many months).

Quite a few simple ways to do it listed here: