playing music not from the rhapsody site

I am having issues loading music I actually own, riping CD’s while in Rhapsody, which loads into the software just fine.  Making a playlist, which seems to be working, but as soon as I try to add the playlist to my player, i error out-every time.  Music from Rhapsody works just fine, but as a musician, this is very important to me that I be able to obtain music form several places, not just Rhapsody.

I am using Win 7 home premuim, always starting with “run as admin”.

Any ideas?

I should also add that the error message is that my player is not acting normally and I should reformat.  I have reformated, restored factory settings, made sure all updates were completed, also did the media converter update.

Yesterday i was having issues with the ever present “subscriptions are out of date, resync before playing” (something close to that).  The only thing that WOULD play was my CD that I had dl’d.  I got home, took off the cd now all “Rhapsody” music works fine now. 

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The sync message can be misleading. It means there are digital-rights codes in the files not allowing them to play. (Those codes are in Rhapsody subscription music, but they are also in other files–Sansa only gives that one error message.)

I suspect you are accidentally ripping your CD’s with copy protection that adds those codes. But I just looked in my Rhapsody’s Tools tab, where you’d expect to find those settings, and don’t see any choice about copy protection.

You should also look in  Windows Media Player’s Tools/Options/Rip Music and see if it is set to .wma with copy protection. (Don’t see Tools? Right-click on the top line of WMP.) If it is, change format to .mp3, and since you’re a musician set the quality slider at least 3/4 of the way to the right for good quality–higher if you want.

Or for peace of mind (and–bonus–better sound quality), rip to .mp3 with something other than Rhapsody.  MediaMonkey has many fans, but you need to tweak the free version.

Since you’re using Rhapsody, make sure that Media Monkey doesn’t make itself the default player–probably a choice as you install it. 

 After you install the free Media Monkey, you need to replace its version of LAME, the mp3 encoder.

Go to Audacity’s page  for the .zip file or use this  direct download linkto get Lame_v3.98.2. Unzip it onto your desktop and copy  lame_enc.dll to replace the one in C:\Program Files\Media Monkey. You’re done. 

You can tell Media Monkey to rip the albums to the same directory Rhapsody uses (probably My Music) and the albums should show up in Rhapsody’s library.

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