Playing from power socket when connected to an amp?

Hi All,

Am expecting to take delivery of my Clip+ tomorrow and will be using it when I go out but also plan to use it alot hooked up to my amp.

My question is this…

I know it is possible to charge it from a regular power plug in the main socket via USB, but I plan to use the Clip+ hooked up to the amp with it plugged into the mains.

Will this work as a player driven purely from the main when plugged in and therefore keep the battery charged or will I be doing the player some damage?

Finding this hard to explain but I suppose I am asking will the Clip+ use the power from the mais to run or will be it be using the battery and be constantly trying to top up the battery because it is plugged in.

And will any of this reduce the battery or player life?

Would appreciate hearing the Sansa/SanDisk opinion on this and anyone elses opinion would be greatfully received.

Cheers all.

floydian. :slight_smile:

I’ve done more or less what you describe (I’ve plugged it into a mains charger, then plugged into the line-in of a stereo), and it seems to power the player while charging the battery. At least, when I unplug it after a couple hours, the battery has a full charge. It’s essentially like running a laptop computer on its AC adaptor, or at least that’s what it seems like to me. I don’t know of any detrimental effects to the battery as a result of this. Anyone else care to chime in?