Playing Flash audio


I was just wondering if there’s a way to get the Clip Zip to play back Flash audio as you’d find on the BBC web site. Maybe a future firmware update would make it possible? It’s easy enough to convert them, but it would be nice if I could just download, then drag and drop the files to my MP3 player.

Flash audio is usually mp3 or AAC audio, which the Clip Zip does support. You probably just need to download the stream to a file and maybe unpack it out of flv.

You can look up DVDVideoSoft for a flash converter, I use their studio suite, alomg with AnyVideoConverter, to switch audio and video formats.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right saratoga, these files are Flash wrappers for the AAC codec. I found a few tools which claim to be able to extract rather than convert them for the Mac, but none of them actually work.

Thanks neutron Bob. I’ll keep that in mind whenever I’m using a Windows PC.

Indeed, with the Mac, you have to overcome the Apple vs. Adobe Flash debacle.  I cannot help but chuckle over it, coming from old school.  Back in the day, "portability" meant dealing with many different computing platforms.  Apple’s solution was painfully simple, build a closed universe with one platform.  Things have evolved from the days of CP/M.

In effect, everything’s fine as long as you use “our” platform, as Apple saw (and still sees) it, .  This was nice, until the Internet came about, and a need for readily playable media came with it.  Flash allows a lot of cool things to happen, but various media formats make updating that Flash system absolutely essential.

Try checking various forums for methods of extracting Flash based media using an Apple platform.  I’m positive the software exists out there, in the era of YouTube, where Flash is king- to extract the audio portion.

There’s quite a bit of Flash based media out there, targeted at reaching the widest possible market, or audience.  When Mr.Jobs happily pelted Adobe for causing most of the freeze-ups of his carefully cultivated platform, ( I think that requiring more code and processor time with smart phones was his real headache, truth be told), all I could do is sigh.  In a closed universe, the OS can be readily adapted to known issues out there on the webz, can it not?

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I agree, Apple are infuriating at times. I’m definitely not one of your ‘I’ll lap up anything they churn out and pant like a puppy fanboys’. I think a big part of side-lining Flash boiled down to petty vengeance on Job’s part. There was no way he was going let old wounds heal with a modicum of dignity.