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How do I set my 8GB Clip to play an audio file continuously? I have a file to listen to during surgery and it must play in a loop. Can anyone help?

Thank you

Under the settings option you should find “Repeat”. Just enable that and you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

With the file playing or paused, click the down button on the Clip’s wheel (the 6 o’clock position) and click down until you get to the Repeat option.  Use the right button on the Clip’s wheel (the 3 o’clock position) or the center button to get the repeat option you want (likely, song) and then the left button (the 9 o’clock position) or the home button to exit out of the settings option and back to your file playing screen.  You should see a repeat indicator on the Clip’s screen.

I’m sorry to be so dense, but I can’t find anything saying ‘Repeat’ under settings. That’s what happens when you get to be my age. :stuck_out_tongue:My file is in the audiobooks folder in the Music area. Should it be somewhere else?

Did you try the instructions directly above your last post?  You should see the Repeat option there.

Milkerman, I’ve also followed your instructions and still can’t find a Repeat setting. Is it possible that the 8GB doesn’t have one?

No, it’s there.  Perhaps try again, or state here exactly what you’re doing?

Are you sure you’re clicking down the Music Options screen when it appears?  The Repeat option isn’t immediately visible on the list–you need to click down through the list to see it.

Under Music options I see ‘Back to Audio-books, Ch. Mode (On), Speed (Normad) and Delete Book.’

Ok, I moved the file out of Audio-Books and into the Music folder and the Repeat choice was there. I’m going to try it out and hopefully it works. Thanks for your help.

Ah, it was an audiobook file.  Apparently, the Clip doesn’t support the repeat option for files in the audiobooks folder (which I guess makes sense, most people not wanting to hear the same chapter of a book repeatedly).  But good for you in figuring that idiosyncrasy out!  (I wonder if the Clip proceeds similarly with files that list Audiobook in the ID3 genre tag–something to keep in mind, if there’s still an issue.)

I’m 74 and have no idea what you just said. LOL But, if I do run into whatever that is, I’ll just come back to the board. :smileyvery-happy:

LOL.  Basically, the info. for your song/file that is displayed on the Clip’s screen (album, artist, song/file title; organized by genre) comes from data embedded into the computer file.  This info. is called ID3 tags.  ID3 tags may be there when you get the music/files.  But sometimes it is missing or is incorrect.  In that case, you can use a tag editor software like MP3Tag (freeware available on the Internet) to correct/add the tag info.  It is easy enough to do–it’s just “fill in the blanks.”  The major ID3 tags are artist, album, title, year, and genre. 

The Clip needs the tag info. to show your music/file info. on the display screen–otherwise, the file info. shows up as Unknown.  The exception is files put into the Audiobooks and Podcasts folders on the Clip, where the Clip can use the file and folder name information for your song/file instead of ID3 tag information.

And so just a heads-up:  if you start seeing Unknown on your Clip, this is why–you need to add/fix the tag info. in your files.

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 I suspect that it was left ‘out’.   Perhaps their most recent software has corrected this oversight.

One thing 4 sure - no one is responsible.  I too have this issue.  My older M240 was great.  Not this ‘newer’ one!  Tom