Playing all music in the music folder


I like to copy my music from my music library on my windows PC to the Clip Sport Plus and then I would like to play all the albums/folders in order.  I’ve tried turning off the shuffle and accessing the music by folder.  I can play one album in order but it will not continue to the next.  Is there any way to play all music from all the sub folders in order without shuffling?


I think the current firmwares for the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus, Clip Sport and Clip Jam do not allow for an ordered play of some/all albums/folders without having the player shuffle the files.

Maybe take a look at this message in the SanDisk Forum about using Playlists to design specific groupings of Albums/Folders for non-shuffled play.

Thanks for the solution.  I didn’t realize that the playlist was just a list of files.  

I just created a file called makeplay.bat in the root folder of the device.  It has the following:

@echo off
echo .
echo . Creating playlist
echo .
cd \Music
dir /o:n /s /b *.mp3 >\Playlists\AllMusic.m3u
cd …
echo .
echo . Done.
echo .

Once I copy or change music files in my Music folder I just click on the ‘makeplay.bat’ file and it creates a new playlist with all the music in order.  For anyone using different types of music files they can just add the types after the /b.  The playlist shows up under Music-Playlists as AllMusic.


Amazing. Plus 1000000 to this!

I am a long time SanDisk user. This on going problem should be fixed. Looks like a lot of people have a problem with audio books. In previous models you just change the tag of your book and it worked. Could we update this player with old software?? Sandisk this should be an easy fix to make a LOT of people Happy!

My first Sansa 250 powered by a AAA battery. Then I had a Fuse, best player ever, even watched videos on it. Then I got a clip, small light worked good for Three years. battery started going so I got the Clip sport. So I know my way around these players. I use mp3 tag to retag my books. 


thanks all for posting your answers … i was looking for the same issue. your answers were helpful for me

best regards!!