Playing a saved playlist

I have no problem in playing a saved playlist via the Files menu – it works as expected.  But going via the top-level Playlist item is a different story.  I go from there to View Catalog, which displays the saved playlists.  So far so good.  I select the one I want to play with Select – and I get bounced back to View Catalog.   With Long Select I get a Context Menu whose first item is Playlist.  There’s no item that says, in effect, “play this playlist”.   If at this point I select Playlist, I get bounced back to the Catalog which again shows a list of my saved playlists.  I’ve already been there!!

So how can I play a stored playlist via the top-level Playlist item?  The manual says that the Playlist Catalog can be used like the File Browser, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.