I would like something similar to an i home but is compatible with my Sansa Fuze+ please help

Your Subject line is mis-leading. It sounds like what you’re asking for is a dock-type device to play your Fuze+ through, is that right?

Since the Fuze+ doesn’t have a bottom connection port there is nothing made for it like the pod series. However, any device that you can connect a 3.5 mm jack into can be plugged into the headphone jack of your Fuze+ and play it through the system. You would not be able to control the Fuze+ through (or with) any controls or remotes on the docking device though. You would control volume and track selection, etc. on the player itself; essentially using the speakers only on the dock.

The Fuze+ uses a micro-USB connector for data and charging, but as far as I know there is no line-out so a dock-like device cannot be made for it.

i have found the ultamite thing it is a speaker that plugs in as head phones

I can connect to my Sony CMT-MX55i mini hi-fi via its USB connector and I can control the fuse+ using the Sony remote. I can also use the  earphone-jack to play through the Sony.  (It also has an iPod dock.)

 But, it appears that the CMT-MX55i sold in North America doesn’t have the USB connector.