Player locked itself during FLAC playback and now it won't boot itself up (dead)

The players battery was full and isn’t recognized by the computer. It’s completely dead. Just bought it a week ago.

What should i do?

Hold Down the Power Button 21 Second and leave the Power Button. Press again Power Button it should Reset.

A precise 21 seconds, huh?   :wink:   Sometimes can take 30 seconds, and some have reported a minute can help.

It did work but the player seems to have trouble decoding FLAC. My Cowon player and Foobar2000 in my computer played it well.

What type of FLAC file are you trying to play? The 24-bit “Hi-Def” ones you download from certain “audiophile” sites (and pay a premium for) are not supported and will not play. Only 16-bit FLAC’s will work.

I Use Flac made with Foobar and Tag with Tag & Rename not Unicode. No Freez. 44khz 16 Bit CD Format.

And Reset ClipZip Power Button must be 20 Second. Press. 21 is Save for 100% Reset the Player. :slight_smile:

It’s just normal encoded 16-bit flac 44.1khz.

@djchristian wrote:

It’s just normal encoded 16-bit flac 44.1khz.


From where? Did you download it (them)? Did you rip your own CD’s? With what program?