Player keeps resetting itself

I have a anoying problem thath my player keeps resetting if self to fabric-settings at random yes (thath is often)
wich means i have to choose language and start adding a new Go list over and over again (5 times a week)
wery anoying, Note im not performing resett manually by holding thoose 2 buttons together when it happends)

First i was thinking thath perhaps at night when i throw my player 1 1/2 meter from my computer chair on to my discusting bed
after having it in the USB…thath the down-splash onto the pillow would hit thath resett-button-combination…but it seem impossible
thath the both button locations can hit at the same time, the physicist in me says,  and i got even moore convinced yesterday when i was in my car and i hade just added da new go list after the last resett…i then by purpose wery soft layed down the player in the other seat onto my cat…when i returned from the shooping without a new TV and i started the player again…it was resettet
(I dont have a cat really so it couldnt have resetted it…but i have a soft seat)

Anyone recognise this?

Have you tried just creating a playlist on your computer and transferring that, instead of using the Go list?

The only thing I can think of at the moment is to try formatting the player and use the Sansa Firmware Updater to make sure it’s up to date.  There is a Format option in the player’s Settings menu, and the Sansa Firmware Updater can be downloaded here:

Mine was doing that and I think I figured out why - when I turned it off, I was holding the button too long. I’ve been being careful to only hold it long enough for the little creature to appear, then release it and let it shut itself off with the button released.