Player freezes with very long music files.


I usually go for long runs listening to DJ mixes which are bigger than 100Mb in size. I have loaded the MicroSD card with a bunch of them, but every now and then, when i try to do some operation with the device, it freezes for more than 30sec at a time, probably reading the entire file. During the time it is frozen no operation is possible: play/pause, volume, … don’t work. After few seconds the device comes back to life and I can continue with the normal operation, but if I check the menu or another part of the submenus, it freezes again.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?

I have checked with different files, and the same files dont produce any errors in any of the other player I own.

The files are MP3 type, I should probably test with Ogg/Vorbis files and compare.

Long files have been known to do this.  The solution:  shorter files and then just having the player advance from one to the next.

@climent wrote:


The files are MP3 type, I should probably test with Ogg/Vorbis files and compare.

It’s likely Ogg/Vorbis files will give you even more problems. Stick with mp3 and reduce the file size. Remember, the Sport is a ‘limited’ player, and not like the previous Plus or Zip full-featured models.

Mp3 only has 100 entries (at most) in its seek table, so with very long files, seeking can be computationally very expensive if the device must search for a location that is far from a seek point. Vorbis might work better, but probably because of the memory limitations formats like Vorbis and AAC will work even less well. Probably best to stick to short MP3 files with Sport.

A similar issue occurs with audiobooks which tend to be quite large. The farther inot the audiobook you listen, the longer it takes for the playback to initiate. With a 300-400 M audiobook, the delay can be as long as 45 seconds.