Player freezes when i delete everything can someone reply

ok i have had this problem since the newest fireware update and have made several replys in the firmware update thread with no reply so im making this so hopefully i can get a response. since i did the latest update when i delete a song,video,picture. it takes 3 mins to delete and then i get the white screen of death! until i press something the player comes back to normal.


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*waits for a reply…*

I had the same trouble this morning, my Fuze “died” after erasing files. I’ll wait for a reply too

If I recall correctly, this is a known bug in the firmware and that SanDisk is working on it. Until it’s sorted out, delete via your computer instead of the on-board DELETE function.

I’ve noticed that, too, that if you delete a file while listening to it on the player (which is the only way to delete it just using the player itself, afaik), it does freeze up for awhile.  Sometimes, the screen will go white, or the player will cut off.  I’ll then have to reset and rebuild the database, though usually it just freezes for awhile and takes forever.  I assumed that this was a combination of relatively poor on-chip I/O (one of the few drawbacks to the otherwise incredible AS3525), and the fact that you’ve suddenly opened a hole in the database that must be restored.  Try deleting a file that you’re using on a computer, and the results aren’t so great, either, if it lets you do it at all.  I would assume that this can’t be directly fixed through FW, though bring it on if it can!  What could work, however, would be the ability to delete a file w/o having to listen to it and then press menu.  Maybe give us the option “Mark for deletion” rather than actually deleting it.  Then let us view that list, and give us the ability to delete from that, or any other lists directly.  That way we could avoid the i/o hiccup, as well as preventing the player from having to rebuild the database from within the hole, so to speak.  That’s just my opinion…

when i delete from my pc the player still reconizes the size of the file but deletes the actually file.if that made any sense.

Not exactly, but you should also remember to connect and delete the file in the USB mode that it was originally put on in (MSC or MTP).

If you are saying that deleting the file(s) does not free up the memory space on your player, it may not be refreshing the database correctly. Connect in MSC mode; double-click on your player’s icon in Windows Explorer and look for an MTABLE.SYS file. This is your database file. Highlight this and press the DELETE button on your keyboard.

Now un-plug your player from your computer. It should completely re-build your database, rather than just refreshing whatever incorrect data it might have been reading before. Does this free up whatever memory amount that was taken up by the deleted song(s) files?