Player for lectures?

I have been looking for a player that does a good job playing lectures. I mention lectures rather than podcasts as lectures are sometimes old recordings or recordings that are lower quality. Often audio enhancements are needed to make these pleasant to listen to. Also need is variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction

for those instances when a speaker speaks too slowly or too rapidly.

Human speach is centered within a narrow part of the audible range, so it should be easy enough to make audio enhancements which will maximize the clarity of noisy spoken word files.

It seems like most players being made now are made for teenagers who want to watch You Tube videos on a tiny  screen. There are those who want to use a player for more serious purposes.

The clip+ does great with lectures, because it automatically resumes in EVERY file wherever you left off, even after you’ve plugged it back into the computer to add more files.

Only problem is as you said: the pitch is increased when you speed up files, which is annoying.

For me, the feature of increasing speeds is only HALF-implemented, until they (give you the option) to have the speed increase without changing the pitch (which is DEFINITELY possible, because the RockBox user-created firmware does it on the Clip+…but unfortunately it implements auto-resume very poorly. It can make many bookmarks (which is great), but you can’t set it to simply automatically resume at each song.

Regarding poor quality audio, Rockbox also allows you to change the decibels - but  I’m not sure if that makes it louder than the existing firmware. But it also seems to have a huge range of other audio enhancements.

Rockbox seems to have a separate pitch control, so whenever the speed is changed the pitch also needs to be readjusted. I want automatic pitch correction when the play speed is changed. Human speech is mostly within a very limited range of frequencies. Sound enhancements to boost these and greatly cut other frequencies can make noisy speech recordings much more intelligible.