Playback issue with vbr mp3 files when backlight is switched off


I’m experiencing the exact same problem as the person who started this thread:

“When I play certain VBR mp3 files, the duration is not correctly shown. The files start playing all right, but when the backlight of the display gets switched off (tried different time settings, all exhibit the same problem), the sound quality degrades strongly.”

It always happened on some specific files once backlight was switched off. The problem is still present after installation of the latest firmware (01.01.15F) though I have the impression that many files which were concerned by the problem before upgrade are not anymore while other files are now concerned by this.

Nearly all of my mp3 files were encoded using LAME with various VBR quality settings, from -V5 (around 130kbps) to -V2 (around 200 kpbs). bitrate is comprised between 32 and 320 kbps.

=> All my files are standard vbr mp3 files which play perfectly under foobar, windows media player, itunes, ipods, pocket tunes (palm software), etc.

It sounds more like an energy saving issue with the fuze rather than a problem with corrupted files (playback is normal with backlight on).

I’ve been waiting for months for the next firmware to be released and I’m very disappointed to see that nothing was done concerning this problem.

(I read on another thread that this problem was known and would be fixed).

When will this issue be addressed?

Samples are available on demand.

VBR fix is on the list for the next update.  The problem is the VBR parsing does not accurately select a high enough clock speed for certain tracks.  An improved parsing is under development.


Thanks for your answer.

Something strange happened today.

After a full battery charge, I played again the killer samples I listened to yesterday (after updating the firmware and before creating this thread) and they all played fine with backlight switched off.

I haven’t found any new killer sample so far. It seems like the problem disappeared.


I bought new earplugs and consequently activated the custom equalizer the same day. Modifying the EQ seems to make stuttering disappear.

It might also mean using a modified EQ drains the battery faster since the fuze seems to work at higher clockspeed…

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