"Play Previous" option

I would like to see a firmware update which makes the “play previous” option a permanent fixture in the music.  As it is, if you navigate to a different function, and are in any other function when you shut off unit, the music goes back to the beginning next time you turn it on.  It would be nice if it remembered where you were regardless of what else you have done.  This was a nice feature of the e200 series, and I wish you would put it on the fuze as well.

Guess what?  Youll get it in the next firmware release!  Its expected in a week or two.

Just curious…will we see a sleep timer like the one the Clip has? Hasn’t been an issue really, because I have one of each, but I would like to see it :smiley:

    Thanks for a couple of great players that are actually affordable alternatives to the fruity suckage!  :wink:

Edit: why didn’t I put this into the suggestion thread? I’m a moron, at times :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great to hear it will be addressed.  It will be ice that it can remember where I was in music list regardless of what else I have done.  Any clue as to what other issues might be addressed in next firmware update?

Oh, and by the way, considering that many major retailers are putting these things on sale for Black Friday, it would be a good thing if Sansa has this issue fixed and firmware update available when people get them and do their firmware update…

I like the “Recently Added” queue list available on the Fuze too.  It’s handy to remember the new tracks transferred earlier in the day.

It will be nice to have the “Play Previous” as a fixed rather than a transient function.

Now get those earbuds back on!!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: