play/pause for audiobooks

Hi have just received my new Sansa Clip+ and can load and play music no problem.  Audiobooks from Audible are not syncing properly and the play/pause buttom does not work for ausiobooks.  It just stays on pause.  This is ot my first Clip+ and  I will review the syncing process again.  Any thoughts?

Make sure your Clip+ is set to MTP mode for use with the DRM audio books. Other than then, make sure you ae following the instructions and/or the software for Audible.

Using Audible Manager or iTunes (or, I believe Windows Media Player), you first need to “authorize” the Clip as a device under the Audible environment.  Then you should be able to transfer the Audible files.  But do check, as noted above, the Audible requirements–it’s Audible that controls the show here.

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I have similar situation and questions. I copy .mp3’s from my computer, so it’s not an audible issue. All the help/support, even th manual seems to be about downloading audible/overdrive etc.  What I need to know is how to control the playing of the audiobook, such as in overdrive: bookmarks, pausing, stopping, …  Was able to pause once by more or less randomly pressing buttons, but couldn’t duplicate it. Where can I find this information?