Play only one song?

:confounded: Yes I am still using the Fuze! Am I stupid? How is this done? I’ve read through the manual and still cannot figure how to have the v.2 Fuze play a song then stop. Mine always continues onto the next song until it’s gone through the entire music folder. Also would I be better off with Rockbox on this then the Sansa firmware?

The Fuze is still the best.

Get the song. Hold down the center button. Song will be added to Go List. Under Music go to Playlists. Choose Go List. Voila–one song and done.

Or you can use Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc. to make a one-song playlist if you want to use your computer .

The only way to see if you like Rockbox better is to try it. It has lots of extra features, but it also takes a little geek factor to get used to it and, when getting started, to choose a display that looks good. (I didn’t like most of the themes.)

But try it. Go to and follow its install directions carefully. You can always uninstall it if you want. Rockbox has made both processes pretty easy.


That Go List is slick! I never knew about that and I’ve had this Fuze for four years! Bought it refurbed so it had no instructions. Only til now did I download the instructions for it. Thanks!

Oh now I see that on page 22 of Playing Content.

Don’t think though I would have figured that one out.