"play once then stop" feature

I listen to some meditation type stuff at bedtime, and would like to have a setting to play once then stop or turn off before something else starts to play and jolt me out of my slumber.  I have been using the sleep timer, but things never fit into the exact 30 or 45 minute times…

I suppose I could make an 60 minute mp3 of silence and put it second on a play list, along with the sleep timer. But what a hastle- I have over 40 different recordings of this nature.

I don’t understand the problem. If you give each a different album name, and no other files use the same album name, then when you choose to play that album it will just play that file then stop. if you don’t want to do that, you could use the go list feature and just put the single track on it. when you play the go list it will play that file then stop. The next night you could delete the file from the previous night then add the file for that night. Another method is to use the song ratings if you aren’t using them now. Choose the file for the night and give it a 5 star rating then select play highest rated. The next night you could delete that rating or set it low, then give a different track 5 stars. There are probably other ways to do this as well. these are just the first few that came to mind.

I get it… I have the same problem…What happens is Lets say for instance you listen to a song called AAA(32 minutes in duration) while falling asleep. Its the first song on your songs list, but the band is called ZZZ.ZZZ, thats toward the bottom of your artist list and perhaps there is no album name(Its A Single downloaded track). You go to the songs list and play your track and you fall asleep, but because you dont wanna cut the song off by setting sleep timer at 30 minutes, so you set it at 45 minutes, Well the song ends and then Ace of Spades by Motorhead Starts, and wakes you up. If you could tell your player to Play track once then shut off that would solve your issue.