Play Music sorted by Album / Go back to Album Played

Hi to all,

i’ve one Sansa Clip 8GB with a lot of MP3 tagged with MP3TAG.

I can’t find how to do this :

a)  Play Music sorted by Album

I’ve N Album :

  • Album 1

  • Album 2

  • Album 3

  • Album N

I want to play from Album 3 to Album N.

Actually if i play Album 3 the clip don’t go to further Album and it stop with the last song of Album 3

b** )  Go back to Album Played**

If i play an Album and go back to list song, the clip show the first song, but i want that the Clip show the actual song played

Ther’s any workaround to do this ?

Any news ?

Select Album, Play all. Press Pause.

Go back to music list (Press Down Arrow), select the first song of Album 3.

It will continue thru to Album N

It’s not simple with 700+ mp3 because if i follow your procedure (Play all album song, pause, down, right) it don’t highlight my current song.

An interesting feature could be to show Album tag on play album song, select the album so the Clip will play all album from choosed to end.

Any other tips/trick ?