Play List

I have a 4g Sansa Clip and cannot seem to get music in put into a playlist to actually show up and play as foldered. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do a search on these forums for “Playlist” or “.m3u”.

This topic has been discussed multiple times and solutions are out there.

Also, if you’re seeking help please give out more information so that we could actually help you…   Like, what USB mode do you use to connect to the computer?  What program do you use to create your playlists?  What playlist format are you trying to use (note that .m3u seems to be the best and easiest to use on these Sansa products)?  

How to create & modify M3U playlist to work under MSC mode using only WMP10 

Playlist Creator 3 

Problems creating an .m3u playlist on my Fuze (another one of these topics)…

Those are just a few topics that should help you with the playlist issue.