Play list problems in MTP mode

I had an old clip plus that had screen go dark.  It wasn’t that old so sent it off for RMA, all great, got it replaced with new one.  But now on this new one, I can create a play list by selecting songs, right click and “create playlist”  all good, rename playlist and move to playlist folder.  Disconnect clip+ and there it is, and works fine.  Now I want to edit the playlist so reconnect, and the playlist icon is there, but when I open it, it is empty, no song titles.  So to edit the playlist, I have to first recreate it, then add the edits to it.

This was not how my old clip+ worked.  I assume this new one has the latest firmware and may be a newer firmware than my old one.  Could there be a glitch in the firmware that does not recognize the playlist data once the unit is disconnected and then reconnected?  HELP

I do not want to use msc mode…