Play List - Educate Me

I just finished syncing everything I wanted to my 4GB Fuze which I have added a 16GB card to.

When done, I had 4Gb left on the 16GB. 

I created som playlist, once quite large and went to synch. It failed to synch all and had a message about not enough sapce.  My fuze now shows about 1.4 GB left on the 16GB. On the 16GB card in the Album folder I see there are a bunch of files with a “REFS” extension and some of these are quite large. These files do not exist on the Album folder on the internal 4GB.I deleted my Play List and I am not left with 1.4GB free on the 16GB. 

I am using Windows Media Player. 

I would like an understanding of how Play List work and what these .REFS files are.


Still would like to know what these REFS files are.

When I created the Playlist and synched the play list, it actually duplicated every album I put in the playlist. If the album was on the internal memory, it created a copy on the external. If it was on the external, it created a new copy wit a bunch of numbers in the front. Thus, my external filled up with a bunch of duplicate music information.

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