Play from card & memory


I have a Sandisk 4g Fuze. I haven’t gotten a memory card for it yet, but I was wondering.

When you select music/shuffle , will it include the songs saved on the memory card?


Oldmanlat NJ 

I don’t really use shuffle, but music on the external card is integrated into the database so it doesn’t matter where you store it. This is a nice feature.

Just like he said, it will go in there.  My audiobooks, podcasts and videos also go in the regular folders.  There’s usually a little icon beside it to indicate that it’s on the memory card.  I was thinking this would be great for christmas music, put it on a card and after Christmas just store it until next year, then it’s not on there permantly.

Thanks for the quick response, bdb & Dalaug234.

That is a nice feature. I was thinking of getting an 8g player, but now I’m just going to get a 4g or larger card.

Oldmanlat NJ