Play Count support on Clip

I already posted this in the “Clip wish list” thread but since that was pre .29 I thought it would be best to let that one die off and start anew with the new firmware.

Anyways, basically just what the title says, I’d like to see support for syncing the play count (and possibly date) from the Clip back to WMP.  I’ve written a perl script using COM that works around this somewhat by bumping the play counts manually (although, maddeningly, you cannot modify the last played date this way).  But, it’s far from a perfect solution because I have to manually remember what I’ve listened to.  Typically I accomplish this by always playing a playlist (which I shuffle in WMP), so I only have to look at how far I’ve made it through the list, but obviously full playcount support would make my life a lot easier.

FWIW, the reason I care is I’m on a mission to listen to everything in my music collection, so I often shuffle songs with a playcount of 0.