Play All / Play List

I guess from the lack of replies to an earlier post that there is no ‘play all’ function on the Clip Jam. I find the option of using Windows Media Player to created playlists insanely laborious.  I would just like to ask if there is a reasonably straightforward way to create playlists.


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Maybe take a look at using Mp3tag software to create playlists for the Clip Jam (and Clip Sport).

The discussion subject indicates “Mac” but Mp3tag software is designed for PC users and works really well for playlists.

Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Do you happen to know if this works for FLAC files?

MP3tag software is capable of editing ID3 tags of Flac files and creating m3u Playlists from Flac files.

I successfully tested these features using my Clip Sport.

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I just got a Clip Jam to replace my wonderful Clip+. Why in God’s name would they get rid of the “Play All” function. That was one of the best features of any mp3 player on the market… and they got rid of it. WTF Sansa. No. I’m not interested in making a playlist for every occasion. I would actually like to listen to my albums without having to select every single one. Mind blown… and not in a good way.

How is this solved?! A playlist does not solve the lack of “Play All” function!!