Pixel loss and EQ reset bug

I found a bug.

This bug only appears in any but English language. When a menu item scrolling on the display, some pixel loss is visible. English menu don’t need scrolling.

Sometimes the manual equalizer settings are erased when accessing a menu that needs to scroll.

I have exchange this mp3 player several times for a new one. All of them have the same problems.

I have uploaded a video on Youtube:


Message Edited by Remon on 04-24-2009 01:08 AM

Is it a hardware issue, or something in the firmware?  Maybe I’m wrong but, the problem doesn’t seem to appear until a certain point, making me think that this is a firmware issue.

I already have the latest firmware version on my Sansa Clip.

Every time i connect the Clip to my PC for charging, i do a check with the updater software. I was hoping that this problem was fixed as soon as possible, but no new updates since i purchased the Sansa Clip more then one month ago.

What I meant was, this could be an issue with the system firmware (as vs. your download of it).  The firmware likely won’t be revised for another 1-2 months, as it was revised about a couple of months ago.