Pink screen of death

I just attempted to update to the newest firmware version on my 8GB fuze using the sansa updater. Now when I turn the player on I get a bright pink box that does nothing for about 2 seconds, then the player shuts off again. Trying a “soft reset” does nothing. Now what? It there a way to reset the player to its factory installed settings?

Now that’s a new one.  Try a soft reset first, holding the power switch ON for 20 seconds, release, and power up again.

If this is unsuccessful, reinstall the firmware manually following the instructions in the Fuze firmware thread.  The Updater isn’t designed to reinstall the same build as teh current one installed.  You could use it, however, to determine the installed version, if you open the Updater manually with the Fuze plugged in.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The press and hold trick doesnt work.

When I connect the player to my computer, I get an angry message saying the device is not recognized.

I have the same problem. I don’t khow what to do. Please help

exactly what happened to me. how do i make it stop?