Picture as Background

I believe it would be a cool idea if for the next firmware update to add a feature that enables a person to scroll through the pictures and add one of their pictures as a background for the menus and playing screen.

What do you guys think about this?

I like the idea, but I also think it would be difficult, and slowing down the fuze.

I don not think it is possible, more people have said the same thing and still it isn’t there.

I can’t think that sandisk won’t do it if it was possible.


My experience with another player that does this is that the menu screens are already pretty busy, and putting a picture behind that just makes it a big mess.

if not pics then at least more colors like Black Red or Purple


I understand wat ur sayin. I still believe though that there needs to be a feature to do this for the people who might not care about a messy menu.

Yep! i agree! ive wanted that for a long time

I think Ideas like this are cool but unnecessary, and could rob power and performance. Perhaps to make this possible a version A and Version B could be done with the firmwire. One Supports pics as back ground the other does not. You choose.