Photos & videos on uSD card?

Anyone know if the Fuze can do video & photos stored on uSD cards?  I tried making a “PHOTO” folder on root of card (like the Fuze has on its internal memory) and put photos there, but it didn’t work…  So I’m assuming that currently it won’t work that way.  Any chance of getting this ability in the next firmware?

i think the only way is to them inside the regular phto called Photos   Not all CAPS

The caps dont matter i dont believe, but you should try with the sansa media converter to put them on the card, It will create what is needed. There are other ways to get photos on using drag and drop like you sound like you tried but this is the best way to get the folders set up the way the fuze likes them

Not running Windows, anyone know if SMC works with Linux and WINE?  I’ll give it a try…

Nope I doesnt, but If you Search Fuze Video Lunix it should return some helpful threads, this has been talked about a lot.

I think SMC is a Windows only program. Whether it will run under WINE, I’m not sure.

You can drag & drop photos to the card and they should display OK, given the parameters are right. Not too big (in size or kb) and the format is run that can be read (.jpg or .bmp). There are some descriptions I’ve noticed at the on-line e-tailers like, etc. that list all these different picture formats that supposedly are supported like TIFF, GIF, PNG and the like.

Guess what? . . . They lie!